ランチ用お弁当事前販売 / Bento lunch box on Advance Sale



 郵便振替 00250-8-137753
 口座名義 エシカル消費と動物を考えるシンポジウム
 ゆうちょ銀行  〇二九(ゼロニキュウ)店(029) 当座 0138853
 口座名義 エシカル消費と動物を考えるシンポジウム






このフォームからお申し込み → お振り込み → 予約完了 → 当日会場でお弁当お渡し(ランチ時間に配布)

※シンポジウムの参加登録は http://goo.gl/forms/hvR9b8uR59yHqqo12 から別途お願いします。

※フォームから送信できない場合またはご変更やキャンセルは、info@aiecs.net までメールにてご注文ください。その際、件名(Subject)欄に「エシカル消費と動物への配慮を考えるシンポジウムお弁当予約」とご明記の上、下記の内容についてお知らせください。


---English info---

We arrange Bento lunch Box for lunch with only advance order and payment.
Olu Olu Cafe (in Tokyo) that will prepare the Bento lunch Box for the symposium attendees has been supporting ethical efforts. The lunch box is going to be all vegan dishes with no animal-derived ingredients.
They are aiming for making their food filling and pronounced taste enough even for those who are not vegan.Their ethical efforts are not only for animals but also human rights and environment including selling fair-trade coffee and chocolate (no dairy) at their shop.
Olu Olu Cafe http://ameblo.jp/oluolucafe/

1,500 yen / box

Please send electronic payment to either of the followings by the 28th of September:
 Postal Transfer 00250-8-137753
 Account Name エシカル消費と動物を考えるシンポジウム
 JP Bank  
 Branch: 〇二九(ゼロニキュウ)(029)
 Checking Account: 0138853
 Account Name: エシカル消費と動物を考えるシンポジウム

*We will not be able to do any money transactions at the venue on the day, therefore, please make payment in advance.
**Once the payment is done your order will be completed.
***The deadline of the payment is the 28th of September.

■Order Flow
Order from the form below —> Make payment —> Order completed —> Lunch box will be handed at the venue on the day (during the lunch break)
*There are some convenience stores around the venue too. You can bring in your own food and drinks.
**If you have problem with sending the form below please email us for your order at info@aiecs.net with the subject “Bento Lunch Box Order for Animals in Ethical Consumerism Symposium” and the details of the items below.
***Advance registration for the symposium is required from http://goo.gl/forms/hvR9b8uR59yHqqo12

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